Trouble with Eryone Rainbow PLA Filament

Hello 3D Printing Friends! I *really* wanted to like Eryone’s Rainbow PLA filament. But I ran into some trouble with it. What kind of trouble? Watch and see! I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether you should purchase it.

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June 2019 Alien3D UFO Box Unboxing

Let’s look at the June 2019 Alien3D UFO Mystery Box! Inside, there are filament samples from Alien3D (by IC3D), AmazonBasics, FilamentOne, and SnoLabs! This month’s accessory will help with a variety of printer maintenance tasks, and the project will really help you grow as a person.

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Install the Wham Bam Flexible Build System on the Ender 3 Pro

Peter Solomon at Wham Bam Systems sent me a Flexible Build System for my Ender 3 Pro! Let’s see what’s included, get it installed, and print something on it!

Peter sent this to me free of charge, along with a cool Wham Bam Systems T-Shirt!

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Springtime of the Enders: Upgrading the Bed Springs on the Ender 3 Pro

It’s “spring time” on the BV3D channel, and the Ender 3 Pro and I are celebrating by installing upgraded springs on the bed!

And since this requires removing and reinstalling the bed, we’ll also cover bed adjustments to get a good first layer.

This modification works just as well for the Ender 3 not-Pro.