So, here's the thing.

I do my best to make useful and entertaining content about 3D printing and related things, for free, thanks to some really great people who support what I do. A few companies send me products to install for "show and tell," but the vast majority of the what I show in my videos—printers , upgrades, and filament—was paid for out of pocket.

I'm not complaining, because I'm having a good time doing this! But, listed below are some super easy ways to help me do what I do.

How can I help?

I've been using BuyMeACoffee and PayPal for a while, and that has worked out well as a way for folks to drop a buck or two my way whenever they feel generous. Want to help out? You can support the channel with a one-time micropayment:

I also want to see if affiliate links are a viable way to support the channel. When you use one of these links to get to the retailers below, the retailers know "BV3D sent me!" And when you do that, it doesn't cost anything extra when you buy from that retailer. But! Those retailers kick back a little bit of money to the channel.

So. No cost to you, and a slight benefit for the channel. It's a win-win, I think. If nothing else, give the links a click and browse around. It couldn't hurt, right?

Thank you!

Whether you choose to support the BV3D Channel monetarily, or by using those affiliate links, or even just by subscribing to the channel, I want you to know this: Your support helps the channel grow, and is VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!

—BV3D: Bryan Vines