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Getting Started with PrusaSlicer for Mac for non-Prusa printers (Ender 3)

Today, let’s get started with PrusaSlicer for Mac, particularly with regard to using it with non-Prusa printers, as we set up a profile for the Ender 3 and Ender 3 Pro. But you can use this with just about any printer, and the profile setup instructions will work equally well for Windows or Linux users!

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Install the Wham Bam Flexible Build System on the Ender 3 Pro

Peter Solomon at Wham Bam Systems sent me a Flexible Build System for my Ender 3 Pro! Let’s see what’s included, get it installed, and print something on it!

Peter sent this to me free of charge, along with a cool Wham Bam Systems T-Shirt!

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Springtime of the Enders: Upgrading the Bed Springs on the Ender 3 Pro

It’s “spring time” on the BV3D channel, and the Ender 3 Pro and I are celebrating by installing upgraded springs on the bed!

And since this requires removing and reinstalling the bed, we’ll also cover bed adjustments to get a good first layer.

This modification works just as well for the Ender 3 not-Pro.